"Your skin is your largest organ, don't feed it crap"

Sure you can buy a block of soap or a moisturiser for a few bucks... Do you know what you are putting on or even in your body? Ever wondered how a organic mens grooming
nicotine patch works? Quite simple, the nicotine enters the bloodstream through your skin  - So why wouldn't you use good, clean ingredients in your skin care products to put on your skin?

In our search to feed our skin with the same nourishment that we feed our body, we struggled to find products that met our stringent requirements so we created our own. Our criteria was simple:

  • From Nature
  • You could eat some of the ingredients
  • It works - does what it says
  • You can pronounce it (spelling it was a stretch for our co-founder)
  • 90% of products from Australian ingredients and made in Australia
  • No nasties

We are pretty chuffed with the products we have available. We have tested all products on ourselves, family and willing scumbags and gentlemen.

As for the making of the products - this is by far our greatest achievement. No mass produced, run of the mill products here. We have our products handmade, hand poured, hand crafted in insanely small batches by artisan, predominantly one-person teams. This provides a healthy level of "obsessive compulsive" focus on quality and output. Also means no two batches are identical in looks but are always consistent in quality. You can read the description of each product to give you a full picture of our selection and creation process.

"Be a gentleman with a sprinkle of Scumbag"