"Was wir alleine nicht schaffen Das schaffen wir dann zusammen"

No - we are not German but it sounded bloody good so we used that instead of the English translation - "What we can not achieve alone, we achieve together"

Anthony - aka "Boxer"

One of the co-founders, grandson of infamous Joe the Barber. If you don't know who Joe the barber is then try the soap and you will feel like you have known him for years (shameless product placement). Numbers man, master deal closer, obsessive packer and shaves his head twice a week. Drives a black van for no other reason than to tap into his weekend Scumbag.

Nagib - aka "George"

The other founder, son of George the Mechanic (I won't plug the soap). Technology nerd, creative product mastermind, obsessive researcher and an overnight expert on any topic. Once collected butterfly and flick knives before George discovered them and confiscated them - manually correcting what could have been an over indulgence in his Scumbag.