Beard Oil Directions

Our Beard Oils are premium oils so a tiny amount goes a long way. Our 30ml flasks will give you about 100 beard oiling sessions (6 drops a session). 

How much


How much you actually use comes down to the length of your beard. From our experience, we would suggest that a new beard of say 4 weeks old would use 3-4 drops vs a year old beard would use 6-10 drops.


Best time to oil up is after a shower as your skins pores are in their prime to receive a good douse of nourishing oil. We suggest that you allow a couple of minutes after your shower so that your beard has time to dry or dry beard thoroughly as oil and water do not mix.

The Oiling Technique

If you are using a dropper, make sure you squeeze any excess oil from the dropper back in the flask. Do not rest the dropper anywhere otherwise you risk contaminating the good oil. We prefer a direct pour into the palm as opposed to a scientific dropper. Once you have the oil in your palm, gently rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil on your hands. With oiled up hands now gently work the oil starting from your neck and then upwards towards your cheeks. Remember that the oil needs to nourish your facial skin as well as the beard hair so make sure your fingers are in contact with your skin. Flick your fingers through your mustache to make sure it is not neglected.

Comb on down

We prefer using a wooden comb as it prevents static and a plastic comb tends to have jagged edges (not always visible) that cause damage to your beard. After oiling, comb through any knots and tangles and this also helps spread the oil through the hair evenly. A thick bristle brush is great to shape your beard and helps guide the hair to grow in the right direction. Comb to de-tangle and brush for shape and direction