"There is a Gentleman in every Scumbag and a hint of Scumbag in every Gentleman"

Scumbag and Gentleman was founded by two Sydney brothers who were raised as Gentleman however growing up in Sydney's western suburbs required you to know when to tap into your inner Scumbag. organic beard oilThe key was making sure you remained a Gentleman at heart and used your scumbag sparingly.
As we were growing up, we watched our father, uncles, grandfathers take great pride in grooming. It wasn't a chore for them, it was a discipline and one that improved with practice and was practiced even on Sunday before 9am church service. Grooming tools were not disposable, they were treated with the same respect as the art of grooming itself. 

Scumbag and Gentleman was created to honour these Gentleman and also respect the art of creating the grooming products and tools themselves. We have hand selected a team of Australian artisan craftspeople, our soaps for example are hand made in insanely small batches and our shaving brushes are hand made down to hand picking the timber. Absolutely no mass produced products here.

We went to pain staking lengths researching, testing and selecting every ingredient and scoured this great country for materials. We are super pleased with the result and were able to source  the vast majority of our raw material from Australia, paying respect to the craftspeople as well as the raw materials we have. Of course, in some cases like badger hair for example, well... we just don't have badgers in Australia so we had to get from elsewhere. We are always in search of the Australian artisan craftspeople so if you are one, know of one or want to become one please reach out to us and let's collaborate.

Attention is paid to minuscule detail, including the packaging - Anthony inspects every item one by one before it goes out the door. We have taken his OCD and put it to good use, proving that what the world views as negative can be a great thing :)

Respect the discipline of grooming and pay tribute to your fathers, uncles, grandfathers and Australia.